Capitol Report – January 22, 2020

Capitol Report – January 22, 2020


New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham launched the 2020 Legislative session with her “State of the State” address Tuesday.

Tom Trowbridge reports from the Roundhouse:

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During her annual message to state lawmakers, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham sought Legislative support for a range of priorities. Key among them, Lujan Grisham’s call for approval of her executive budget proposal that features a 25-percent “rainy day” fund for future economic downturns.  The Democrat also seeks endorsement of what she calls a “cradle to career” educational philosophy that includes her proposed “opportunity scholarship” – tuition-free higher education to New Mexico residents

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Overall, the state of the state is, Lujan Grisham says, “Dynamic.”

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That’s when Lujan Grisham called on all to remember Representative Bill Pratt, Senator Carlos Cisneros and Senator John Pinto —lawmakers who passed away during the interim.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Tom Trowbridge

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