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2021 Capitol Report, Day Six



The New Mexico State Senate’s Republican leadership underwent changes prior to the start of the 2021 session.

Tom Trowbridge reports from the Roundhouse:

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It was back in November when New Mexico’s Senate Republican caucus gathered to select Navy veteran, small-businessman and attorney Greg Baca to its top leadership post.

Baca, a Belen native and long-time resident with three kids, came on the New Mexico political scene when he ousted former Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez in 2016.

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Baca replaces decade-long GOP Senate leader, Stuart Ingle of Portales.

Baca now leads q caucus that is outnumbered 27-15 and faces battles with Senate Democrats, who suddenly have more liberal members in their ranks. Regardless, he says COVID-recovery is legislative priority number one:

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Senate GOP Leader, Greg Baca of Belen. On tomorrow’s report, Baca discusses contentious and partisan legislation that lawmakers will debate this session.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Tom Trowbridge


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