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2021 Capitol Report: February 2, 2021



A proposal that would allow community solar programs to be established in New Mexico cleared its first legislative hurdle at the Roundhouse last week, despite questions from some lawmakers about costs and concerns raised by investor-owned utilities.

Tom Trowbridge reports from Santa Fe:

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Democratic Senator Liz Stefanics of Santa Fe, a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 84, says giving community solar programs the green light will allow many New Mexicans to power their homes—and businesses—with solar energy.

Stefanics  :21

Through community solar programs, developers build local solar facilities from which customers can subscribe and receive credit on their electricity bills for the power produced from their portion of the solar array.

Supporters say aside from adding more renewable energy to the grid, community solar projects can offset electricity costs for subscribers, including low-income residents.

But Mike D’Antonio, representing eastern New Mexico utility Xcel Energy, opposes the measure:

D’Antonio   :14

The bill cleared the Senate Conservation Committee on a party-line vote.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Tom Trowbridge



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