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2021 Capitol Report, February 23



At the Roundhouse, progress has been made on one of the Legislature’s primary tasks this 60-day session: Adoption of the state budget, or the “General Appropriations Act.”

Tom Trowbridge reports:

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New Mexico’s state budget—contained in House Bill Two—won unanimous approval Monday from the House Appropriations and Finance Committee. Democrats say the spending plan for the fiscal year that starts in July, reflects the legislature’s priorities, making appropriations for economic relief programs and responsibly continuing the state’s investments in education, public safety, health, infrastructure, and long-term economic development.

The total package comes to seven-point-39-billion dollars. HAFC Chair, Democrat Patricia Lundstrom:

Lundstrom1  :08

The budget bill represents a four-point-six-percent increase from the current  fiscal year… with 24-percent in reserves.

Roswell Representative Phelps Anderson, formerly a Republican and now officially a “Decline To State” member of the House, told the committee he was pleased overall with the spending plan, outside of education. Anderson expressing dismay that the, quote: “Moonshot we launched two years ago” is stalled somewhere in space:”

Anderson1  :12

The full House takes up the budget bill on Wednesday.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Tom Trowbridge


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