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2021 Capitol Report, February 9



A years-long effort to get a proposal to voters to fund early-childhood education in New Mexico via a constitutional amendment advanced Monday at the Roundhouse.

Tom Trowbridge reports from Santa Fe:

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For a decade at the Roundhouse, early-childhood education advocates have been trying to get a proposal to New Mexico voters that, if approved, would allow another one-percent of the Land Grant Permanent Fund be devoted to pre-kindergarten education.

One of the long-time sponsors is Albuquerque Representative, Democrat Moe Maestas:

Maestas-2  :16

Despite numerous changes to the resolution over the years, one Republican opponent of the measure, Representative Rebecca Dow of Truth or Consequences, remains unconvinced.

Dow  :18

The measure—a proposed constitutional amendment—passed the House Judiciary Committee on party-line vote. HJR One’s next stop is the House Floor… if approved there and in the Senate, it would go directly to New Mexico voters in 2022.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Tom Trowbridge



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