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New Mexico Considers Legalizing Medically Assisted Suicide

KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1548115200
New Mexico lawmakers are considering whe

Next Land Boss Puts Out Call For Resumes

KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1542265200
New Mexico Land Commissioner-elect Steph

Intel To Add 100 Jobs In Rio Rancho, Company Wants More Gas Drilling In New Mexico

Albuquerque, 1536645600
Intel Corp. is moving development of a n

NM Gets $3.7M To Tighten Election Cyber Security

Albuquerque, 1534917600
New Mexico is receiving $3.7 million dol

AG Says NM Cannot Legally Stop Nuclear Waste Facility

Albuquerque, 1533276000
The chair of a New Mexico legislative co

In Deep Water

Laura Paskus, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1515657600
In its US Supreme Court case against New

NM Congressional Race Gets Libertarian Candidate

KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1515484800
A Libertarian Party candidate is running

Regents to name new University of New Mexico president

KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1509606000
The University of New Mexico Board of Re

To Grow Health and Economies, Some Tribes Look Away From IHS

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1508914800
The Indian Health Service—the federal ag

PED Holds Hearing On Controversial Science Standards

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1508310000
The Public Education Department is propo

What Does NM Need To Beat The Opioid Epidemic?

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1506927600
Let’s Talk New Mexico 10/5 8a: The opioi

Skandera Praises Trump`s Education Pick

KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1480579200
New Mexico Public Education Secretary Ha

House Speaker Pick: No More Cuts To Education and Health Care

Anne Lande, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1479801600
Democrats regained control of New Mexico

LISTEN: Faculty Draft A Letter Calling For UNM To Protect Students

Marisa DeMarco, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1479196800
After the election, the University of Ne

LISTEN: Martinez Administration Faces Free Press Lawsuit

Elaine Baumgartel, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1476687600
In 2013, Santa Fe’s alternative weekly n

LISTEN: Priorities For The Special Session

Albuquerque, 1475218800
KUNM Call In Show 9/29/ 8a: Governor Sus

NM Team Makes 3D Models To Prevent Landslides, Group Says Silvery Minnow Population Declines

KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1471244400
New Mexico Team Makes High-Tech Tool

Survey: NM Teens Report High Rates Of Drug Use, Some In NM GOP Going With Libertarian Johnson

KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1470639600
A national survey of high school student

A Daunting Task Ahead As State Tests Homes For Toxic Gas

Ed Williams, KUNM News
Albuquerque, 1467874800
When toxic chemicals are released into t

LISTEN: New Mexico Defrauds The Poor Out Of Food Stamps, Whistleblowers Say

Marisa Demarco, KUNM News
Albuquerque, 1467788400
Despite working as a home health aide in

Feds Could Ship High-Grade Plutonium To WIPP

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1459753200
The U.S. Department of Energy is hoping

UNM Regents’ Vote On Health Sciences Board Raises Transparency Concerns

Marisa Demarco, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1458025200
University of New Mexico regents voted M

New Mexico Tops Country In Pedestrian Deaths

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1457683200
A new report by the Governors Highway Sa

Marchers: Don’t Cut Behavioral Health Funds

Marisa Demarco, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1454310000
The rate of drug overdose deaths—nationa

After No Child Left Behind, What’s Next For New Mexico Schools?

Ed Williams, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1449817200
This week President Obama signed the Eve

Supreme Court Weighs Speedy Trial Changes

Albuquerque, 1449730800
New Mexico justices are hearing from pro

Many N.M. Jails Charge Inmates Copays

Marisa Demarco, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1446015600
Untreated minor health concerns can grow

No Cleanup Plan For ABQ Dry Cleaning Spill

Ed Williams, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1445929200
There is a problem with the groundwater

Millions Of Bats Take To The Skies At Jornada Caves

Rita Daniels, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1442991600
During the summer months, southern New M

CNM Receives $2.9 Million Apprenticeship Grant

Anna Lande, KUNM Radio
Albuquerque, 1442905200
Apprenticeship programs across the count

New System For Emergency Response On Pajarito Mesa

Rita Daniels, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1442818800
People living on Pajarito Mesa may have

Can Community Colleges Fix Nurse Shortage?

Albuquerque, 1441263600
New Mexico has a nursing problem. In recent years some hospitals have had to close beds because the

After Plume Passes, Attention Turns To Sediments

Rita Daniels, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1439881200
Water managers in Northwestern New Mexico are trying to figure out how much contamination from the

Volunteers Go Door-To-Door To Alert Navajos About Spill

Marisa Demarco, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1439794800
SHIPROCK, N.M.—Not everyone on the Navajo Nation had heard about the Gold King Mine spill that happ

Fine Print In Changes To Food Stamps Program

Marisa Demarco, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1439190000
Almost a quarter of the people in New Mexico rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—

Heinrich To Introduce New Poverty Legislation

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1435734000
U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich announced Monday that he will propose legislation to address poverty a

Free CPR Trainings Statewide On June 20

Marisa Demarco, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1435215600
Project Heart Start is putting on free trainings all around the state on Saturday, June 20. Session

Group Studies Health Impacts Of Uranium Mining

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1435215600
Residents of McKinley County in northwestern New Mexico have long complained of health problems ass

National Labs Fined For Mishandling Classified Materials [LISTEN]

Rita Daniels, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1434092400
The Department of Energy has fined the contractors that manage Los Alamos and Sandia National Labor

Oil And Gas Technology Drives Farmington Economy

Albuquerque, 1433833200
Thanks to technologies like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, New Mexico is one of the

DOE To Spend Millions On LANL Storm Water Controls

Ed Williams, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1432018800
Some of the money from the Department of Energy’s settlement with New Mexico following a radiation

The Hunt For The Source Of Four Corners Methane

Albuquerque, 1430118000
Scientists published a paper on methane levels across the globe last year—and their satellite image

Los Alamos May Face Stricter Runoff Regulations

Rita Daniels, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1426489200

hould Los Alamos National Labs and Los Alamos County be held to the Clean Water Act standards fo

Changes Would Make It Harder For Whistleblowers

Albuquerque, 1425628800

The state’s Whistleblower Protection Act went into effect in 2010 and since then the state

Groups Want More Disclosure Of Lobbyist Spending

Albuquerque, 1422000000

Steak dinners at fancy restaurants, breakfast burritos brought to committee meetings, lift ticke

Lea County Puts Out Reward On `Water Dumpers`

KUNM and Associated Press
Albuquerque, 1399964400

Officials in Lea County want residents to help catch an oilfield company they say is dumping pro

County Jail: Largest Mental Health Provider in N.M.

Albuquerque, 1397196000

Bernalillo County jail Chief Ramon Rustin’s resignation took effect Monday. After three ye

Will The Gila River Stay Wild?

Laura Paskus, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1394089200

Before the end of the year New Mexico officials will have to make a decision about water develop

LISTEN: Governor Susana Martinez Gives 2014 State Of The State Address

Santa Fe, 1390464000

Governor Susana Martinez gave her 2014

Most NM Enrollees Eligible For Health Insurance Discounts

Albuquerque, 1389859200

Almost 75 percent of the nearly 8,000 New Mexicans who have enrolled in insurance plans under th

Critics Of Proposed Abortion Ban Say Health-Of-Mother Clause Could Be Slippery Slope

Carrie Jung, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1384761600

63,000 New Mexicans To Transition Health Plans Under ACA

Albuquerque, 1383289200

Abortion Ban Ballot Initiative Highlights Unique Albuquerque Lawmaking Method

Carrie Jung, KUNM
Albuquerque, 1377241200

A ballot measur

CDC Says Excessive Drinking Costs Taxpayers Billions

Albuquerque, 1376550000

Excessive alcohol consumption cost United States taxpayers more than $220 billion in 2006. That`s

USDA Includes 2 NM Counties In Drought Aid Areas

Albuquerque, 1373266800