Capitol Report – January 24, 2020

Capitol Report – January 24, 2020


The New Mexico Legislature’s two education committees had their first opportunity to discuss three separate spending proposals to fund public education next fiscal year.

Tom Trowbridge has more from the Roundhouse:

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Members of the New Mexico Senate and House Education panels met together to review budgets from the State Public Education Department, the Legislative Finance Committee and the Legislative Education Study Committee.

Albuquerque Senator Mimi Stewart, a veteran legislative Democrat, told her colleagues that she’s excited about the three budget proposals.

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But, there was plenty of dissenting opinion. The overall budget for the P-E-D and its staffing vacancies is a major concern. Here’s Albuquerque House Democrat Sheryl Williams Stapleton:

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The Education Committees’ first plunge into school spending this session revealed many loose ends that need fastening.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Tom Trowbridge

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