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Capitol Report 2/11/2022 – Transparency Legislation



 The House of Representatives have passed a resolution to increase transparency of the legislative process. 

Jason Espinoza reports from the Roundhouse:

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A bipartisan resolution to enhance transparency in the legislative process unanimously passed the House of Representatives this week.

House Concurrent Resolution 1, sponsored by Republican State Representative Larry Scott and Democratic State Representative Matthew McQueen would change current rules related to the bill analyses provided to legislators. The proposed change would mandate that any analysis of legislation submitted by executive agencies for the development of fiscal impact reports and committee analyses be made available to the public on the legislature’s website as soon as practicable.

Currently any analysis provided by executive agencies is not readily available and accessible to the public.  

Representative McQueen explained the rule change simply when he noted that the legislature currently posts the Fiscal Impact Report but not any of the analyses that go into them. As he stated, all the analyses are public documents but currently there is no practical way to access them.

The rule change would also apply to amendments and committee substitutes, as they too would be made available to the public via the legislative website, and shall remain on the legislature’s website, whether adopted or not.

Co-sponsor Republican Larry Scott added that this will benefit legislators as well by allowing them to access these documents on the website vs the antiquated way the documents are currently shared.

The rule passed the House Floor unanimously and now moves to the Senate.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Jason Espinoza


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