Study: Emergency managers should plan for volcanic eruptions in the southwest

447 Views  ┬áThe southwest United States has thousands of volcanoes that were only active for a very short period of time and, a new analysis published in the journal┬áGeosphere┬áurges emergency managers to be aware of the potential for further volcanic activity.┬áThe authors of the study counted 2,229 volcanoes in 37 volcanic fields located in the […]

A Black life ends in a New Mexico police shooting

164 Views  ┬áRodney Applewhite, 25, was driving through New Mexico late last week on his way to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with his mother and other family members.┬áJust outside of Los Lunas, on the last leg of a trip that started in South Bend, Indiana, a New Mexico State Police officer attempted to pull Applewhite […]