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Capitol Report – February 7, 2024



A bill to enhance local meat inspection is making its way through the legislative process.

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This is Jason Espinoza with today’s capitol report.

A pair of bills that would create a state-level meat and poultry inspection program is moving through the Legislature. According to a bill analysis, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture notes that a state level program would enhance local meat industries by ensuring timely inspection of livestock processed in-state, increasing efficiency, and improving food safety.

Katelin Spradley, Director of Communications with the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau is a supporter of the measure.

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Senate bill 37, has 21 sponsors, and has passed two Senate Committees unanimously. The House bill, House Bill 162, has 33 sponsors, and has passed two House Committees unanimously.

For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Jason Espinoza

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