Republican National Committee courts NM Hispanic voters with new community center

62 Views  Â With the midterm elections approaching in November, the Republican National Committee is expanding the footprint of what they’re calling their “minority outreach centers” by opening their latest RNC Hispanic Community Center in Albuquerque. A spokesperson for the RNC said in a statement that the New Mexico center, which it opened Thursday, is the 35th in […]

Are you voting on March 1? Election Day approaches for some New Mexicans

83 Views  Â Most local governments in New Mexico have opted in to the Regular Local Election, which happens every other November. But for those that haven’t, Election Day is coming up on March 1.  Early voting for the 2022 Municipal Officer Election is underway in 26 New Mexico villages, towns and cities, where all but seven are […]

City calls for removal of murals in Albuquerque Old Town

88 Views  Â Last year, artists Jodie Herrera and Reyes Padilla were commissioned to paint murals in Albuquerque’s Old Town, featuring cascades of colors and shapes, a butterfly and a blooming cactus. Now, the city wants the artworks, commissioned by business owners in Plaza Don Luis, removed.

Early voting kicks off for local elections in New Mexico

97 Views  Â Election day is Nov. 2, but the early voting period kicks off Tuesday, Oct. 5, for the 2021 local elections across New Mexico. Regular Local Elections in the state now occur in November in odd-numbered years, like 2021, for municipalities that opted to hold them. The ballot can include local officials like mayor, city […]

Let’s Talk About the Legacy of New Mexico’s Native American Boarding Schools

94 Views  Â Let’s Talk New Mexico 7/22 8am: Earlier this month, a plaque that marked the burial place of Indigenous children who died at the Albuquerque Indian School went missing. At the same time, Native American boarding schools have been in the national news after forensic technology revealed thousands of previously unknown graves of Native American children throughout […]

Let’s Talk Climate Change And The Rio Grande

97 Views  Â Let’s Talk New Mexico 6/3 at 8 am: The Rio Grande is swelling right now, but looks can be deceiving. Climate change is drying out this lifeline in the high desert. The river is a highly managed water system, so flows are supplemented and the impacts of global warming aren’t always immediately visible. […]

Facing Eviction?: Talk To Your Landlord First

105 Views  Â As housing prices skyrocket, unemployment persists and wages are stagnant, housing security has become urgent. A federal judge last week struck down the CDC’s eviction moratorium. In New Mexico there are some local protections for renters, however, there are ways around those rules and many will soon expire. UNM law professor Serge Martinez talked to KUNM about working […]

Let’s Talk The New World Of Legal Cannabis

92 Views  Â Let’s Talk New Mexico 4/08 8am: Last week in a special session of the New Mexico Legislature lawmakers moved to legalize recreational cannabis and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is expected to sign the legislation. The changes allows individuals to grow for personal use or to sell with a micro-business license and they create […]

No More Normal: When Piggy Banks Fly

56 Views  Â We get into what money really is. We take a dive into a bill that looks to create a public bank. We talk with a member of a financial innovation group about how universal basic income has helped businesses during the pandemic. We grapple with student loans. We hear the journey of how […]