Americans are hiding their credit card debt

143 Views  Â One-third of Americans with credit card debt say no one else knows how much they owe, according to a new report. The nation’s credit card balance hovers around $1 trillion, and interest rates routinely top 20 percent. A typical American household now carries around $10,000 in card debt, by one recent WalletHub estimate. A rising share of […]

Democratic governors are stockpiling abortion pills in the wake of Texas ruling

278 Views  Â Democratic governors are stockpiling abortion medications as the future of reproductive health is potentially fought out in federal court. On Monday, Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) announced the state has already acquired enough doses of mifepristone to last for a year. Healey said the University of Massachusetts Amherst last week purchased 15,000 doses, which could arrive […]

Parents pay at least one monthly bill for 40 percent of millennials

231 Views  Â In a new survey, two-fifths of millennials say their parents still pick up one or more of their monthly bills.  And the most common parental subsidy is the largest: housing. Twenty-four percent of millennials say Mom or Dad pay their rent, and 17 percent say parents cover a mortgage.

Nation warned to brace for a difficult flu season

372 Views  Â Health experts are warning the nation to brace for what could be an exceptionally severe flu season this fall and winter, as more people who have not built up immunity over the last few years mix and mingle. There are two big reasons why more people could be vulnerable to the flu this […]