New Mexico’s drought and wildfires create long term impact on ecosystem

110 Views  Â Fire restoration is underway in many areas impacted by wildfires in New Mexico. A biologist at New Mexico Highlands University is looking at the impacts of our current drought, combined with wildfires, can have on things such as drinking water. These impacts can even ripple out to have a larger impact on an […]

Report: New plan to send more migrants to Albuquerque

118 Views  Â ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As a record number of migrants are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, new reporting shows a plan to move many of them to Albuquerque. NBC News reports it has obtained documents that show the Department of Homeland Security plans to transport migrants awaiting immigration proceedings to various U.S. cities. In the coming weeks, […]

Black Fire Now State’s 2nd Largest in History

118 Views  Â There is a Community Meeting Tonight at 6 p.m. in Kingston to address the latest conditions and concerns as the Black Fire has grown to the state’s second largest in history. It has now burned 298,440 acres and is 44% contained. The community meeting tonight is at 6 p.m. at the Black Range Lodge […]