Border Issues

Cross-Border Tunnel Found Linking Tijuana, San Diego

16 ViewsSAN DIEGO (AP) — Authorities have announced the discovery of an underground smuggling tunnel on Mexico’s border, running the length of a football field on U.S. soil to a warehouse in an industrial area. The cross-border tunnel from Tijuana to the San Diego area was built in one of the most fortified

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responds to the end of Title 42

13 ViewsGovernor Greg Abbott says he’ll send migrants on buses to Washington, D.C., schools hope to continue free meal programs after federal funding dries up, and speaking of drying up, drought conditions are expected to worsen over the next few months affecting borderland farmers and residents.

Funeral turns deadly in Juarez: 9 dead in two attacks 12 hours apart

4 ViewsReports: Funeral involved inmate killed inside Chihuahua prison EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Armed assailants killed three people attending a funeral in Juarez, Mexico, on Friday night; they returned the next day to kill six more after relatives moved the body to another location, police and local news media reported.