climate change

Climate Assessment highlights a need for immediate action

98 Views  Â The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released on Nov. 14 by the U.S. Government. The report contains updates on the state of climate change, basic risk assessments and ideas for communities to lower their emissions and live a more environmentally conscious life.

Shaky Ground: Exploring seismic activity in the Permian Basin

243 Views  Â On the program, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson passed away on September 1st. Commentator Walt Rubel shares his thoughts on covering the Richardson Administration. Also, we discuss an increase of seismicity in the Permian Basin, what’s causing it, and what’s being done to stop it. Jonny Coker

Experts worried over future of New Mexico’s water supply

216 Views  Â UNM and regional universities have researched possibilities to manage water usage over time as New Mexico is getting hotter, and drier. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — David Gutzler, a professor emeritus at UNM’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, says it’s not a Mad Max or apocalyptic situation. “What we