Drugs and Addiction

Study shows which counties in New Mexico have the most excessive drinkers

113 Views ¬†¬†NEW MEXICO (KRQE) ‚Äď A new report by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute shed light on excessive drinking in New Mexico.¬†The¬†annual County Health Rankings and Roadmaps report¬†is intended to highlight the factors that can impact our health outcomes and disparities nationwide.

Mexican cartel violence likely to increase in 2024, experts say

172 Views ¬†¬†Internal fracturing, election year uncertainty will keep U.S. neighbor a ‘high risk’ country EL PASO, Texas¬†(Border Report)¬†‚Äď The next president of Mexico will face ongoing economic and migration challenges and will have to tackle increasing drug cartel violence brought about by the fracturing of existing transnational criminal organizations

Making fentanyl child exposure a crime in New Mexico

190 Views ¬†¬†ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. ‚ÄĒ Only 10 days are left in this year’s legislative session and some lawmakers at the Roundhouse are focusing on passing a bill targeting fentanyl use around kids. House Bill 106 aims to create penalties for parents who expose their children to fentanyl.