Restaurants working to keep outdoor diners warm

As you get ready for the colder weather, so are restaurant owners. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As you get ready for the colder weather, so are restaurant owners. They don’t want to lose the business they bring in with patio space when it gets cold, so they are working out a plan

October wildfires point to grim climate future

In recent weeks, New Mexico has seen  hazy skies from ongoing wildfires in neighboring states. Experts say they’re concerned this could become the new normal. While it has had a relatively calm fire season in New Mexico, it’s been a very active season in the greater western United States. That’s a

Border Patrol agent impersonator in New Mexico gets prison

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — A man in New Mexico has been sentenced to nearly two years in federal prison for impersonating a Border Patrol agent. Prosecutors say 45-year-old James Christopher Benvie received a 21-month prison term after being convicted in the case in March.

Economy, Health and COVID-19 Top Hispanic Issues in 2020

Although non-Hispanic white voters still make up the largest slice of the eligible voter pie in the U.S., the fastest growing group of voters is Hispanic.  New Mexico Hispanics hold the record with a whopping 43 percent of all eligible voters in the state.  What are their top issues?  The top three