Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge gets federal support to expand

57 Views   Four National Wildlife Refuges across the country now have support from the federal government to expand, and Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge, which spans across the Texas-New Mexico border, is one of them. That’s good news for the sandhill crane and lesser prairie-chicken.

Bat tests positive for rabies in San Miguel County

316 Views    LAS VEGAS, N.M.  – A bat found in the Las Vegas area has tested positive for rabies. It is the second bat confirmed rabid by the New Mexico Department of Health’s (DOH) Scientific Laboratory Division this year.

New Mexico wildlife commission left without enough members

429 Views   ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A key state commission that guides New Mexico’s wildlife agency and oversees a multimillion-dollar budget that includes conservation, hunting and fishing programs won’t be able to conduct any business until the governor fills at least one of four outstanding vacancies.

Historic capture of Mexican gray wolf in New Mexico

393 Views   No Mexican gray wolf has traveled as far north and east since the wolf was reintroduced in 1998 The New Mexico Department Game and Fish captured a female Mexican gray wolf they said had never been there before. The wolf known as Asha was captured in northern New Mexico.